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We use technology to turn real life individual athletic practice into creative, competitive and connected virtual games.


Counting reps with SNYPR is easy and fun! Just strap your iPhone to your right arm using a compression sleeve or sock, turn on the app, and start throwing. Our algorithms and sensors in your iPhone will count and record your reps automatically.


SNYPR will keep track of all your activity, reps, practice time, groups and completed challenges. Customize your profile with your username and picture so that friends and coaches can find you. Manage your password and privacy.


Connect with your friends, teammates and coaches on SNYPR. Form groups and compete to see who can do the most reps or the coolest tricks. Track it all on the leaderboard to see who is working the hardest and improving the most.


Improve your game by watching and learning from some of the best! Tap into our growing library of instructional drills, highlight clips and stick tricks. Save your favorites and practice them the next time you are on the field!


We are coaches, and we see a problem in the way youth athletes are training on their own between regular practices and games. Every coach emphasizes the importance of extra practice – whether it’s conditioning or working on individual skills. However, many youth athletes are over-scheduled and have limited time for extra work on their own. Individual training can feel like a boring alternative to video games and screen time. The solution is to gamify individual practice to make it more like a fun, social team activity. Make it competitive with real measurement tools and analytics.

SNYPR is born. We integrate wearable technology and other forms of sports performance analytics with digitally connected social tools, video challenges and leader boards. When we make individual practice a competitive and fun group activity, we see players train harder on their own, and their on-field performance improves.


  • Create Groups with Friends
  • Pro and Coach Challenges
  • Leaderboards and Tournaments
  • Private Groups for Teams
  • Sports Measurement
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