How do I play?

You first will need to download the SNYPR app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Create a user profile in a few simple steps, and you’ll be ready to ‘SNYPR-up’ and track your reps! If you are under 13 years old, you will need parental consent to use the SNYPR app, as required by COPPA regulations. 


How do I track my results?

Players will be able to see their reps, their recent activity and progress in the app. From the STATS page, a player will be able to view his/her weekly progress with reps displayed over the past seven days, and also will be able to see up to his/her last 25 dates of rep activity using the SNYPR app.

Players will also appear on Regional and Global leaderboards, and will also show up on his/her TEAM leaderboard after they enter a valid Team Code in the SNYPR app. The leaderboards display the number of reps completed for a particular time period – either Daily, Weekly, or All-Time.

Note: SNYPR users under the age of 13 years will first need their parental consent before they can access the LEADERS page within the SNYPR app.

What else do I need to play?

Players will need a way to securely attach their phone or mobile device to their upper right arm when playing wall ball or having a catch with friend(s). Players can use a custom SNYPR sleeve, a sock that has the toe cut off, or a soccer shin guard compression sleeve. The sleeve must hold the phone (upside down and with screen facing out) tight to the upper right arm.

You can purchase a SNYPR sleeve online from Lax.com. Our SNYPR sleeve is now available in two sizes – small and large. The small size is recommended for users with smaller arms, typically those who are 12 years old or younger. The large size is recommended for young players with larger arms, typically those who are 13 years old or older, all the way up to adults.

My SNYPR app is not counting well or consistently. What can I do to improve the rep counting with SNYPR?

Here are some helpful 'player tips' that you can try to help ensure more accurate rep counting with SNYPR:

(1) Make sure you are standing 8-10 yards away from the wall or rebounder to ensure a more deliberate and active throwing motion. Our SNYPR app motion algorithm is based on right arm movement during a lacrosse throw - this is VERY important. If there's minimal movement of the right upper arm (i.e. if you're standing too close to the wall or rebounder), our app may not pick up enough motion to detect a successful lacrosse throw.

(2) We recommend cradling once between throws - again, more deliberate throws are counted MUCH better than "quick sticks" from close range.

(3) Although our motion algorithm can detect some sidearm, underhand and even behind-the-back throws (both righty and lefty), it best detects overhand and "3/4-arm" throws. With SNYPR, there is some technique involved in detecting/counting a successful lacrosse throw. Focus on overhand or "3/4-arm" throws, and this should improve the rep counting.

(4) Turn the phone volume on and all the way up. You will hear a 'ding' every 10 successful throws - we've added this audible sound to give players feedback that their reps are being successfully counted!

Is there an age limit to use SNYPR?

No, anyone who downloads SNYPR can play. Players under 13 years old, however, must receive parental consent as required by Child Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) regulations in order to see or be displayed on Leaderboards, participate in Challenges, join a Team, or view their Stats.

When a player under 13 signs up for the app, they will have to enter their parent or guardian’s email. An email will automatically be sent to the parent, and this email will have links for a parent to complete the registration for the player. The parent will validate their own identity and consent with a credit card. The credit card will not be charged, but rather used for identity verification and consent validation purposes only. It is possible that a small charge of $1 may be “held” by the credit card issuer, but it will be reversed in a short period of time.

Can I record reps on multiple mobile devices?

With our new username/password functionality, a SNYPR user can use multiple devices to log reps, simply by logging out of one device and into another. A SNYPR user, however, can have an active account on only one phone or mobile device at a time. In other words, if you log into your SNYPR account on another device, you will be automatically logged out of your first device.

Do I have to use a Smart Phone?

No, a player may also use an iPod Touch or other Internet connected device that can run Android or iOS apps, has accelerometers and gyroscopes and can be attached to the player’s arm. The device must also be connected to a wireless network to launch the SNYPR app.

What happens if I lose or break my phone?

If a player needs to change mobile devices, because of a lost or broken phone, or because they’re replacing it with a new one, simply download the SNYPR app onto the new phone/device and log back in with the proper credentials (username and password). If you forget your username, please send an email to support@snypr.com, and we will help recover it for you. If you forget your password, enter your valid username and touch on ‘Forgot Password’, and a password reset email will be sent to the email address on file for that particular username. If you are getting an ‘Error’ message with the ‘Forgot Password’ process, please send an email to support@snypr.com, and we will help you resolve the issue.

Is my credit card safe?

Yes, we will only ask for your credit card information if you are a parent or guardian providing verified consent for a player under 13. We use an industry leading credit card processer, BrainTree, to verify your identity and validate your consent, and they use industry best practices to safeguard your information

I am not comfortable sharing my credit card information to verify for my under-aged child. How else can I verify for him/her?

You may also verify for your underaged child by completing and returning our Parental Consent Verification form to support@snypr.com. The form can be downloaded here: SNYPR Parental Consent Verification Form

Once we receive your completed form, we will verify your child in our database and send you confirmation.

Please note: after receiving confirmation from us, you may need to force close and then re-open the SNYPR app to allow for the verification to take effect and give your child access to all features of the app, i.e. LEADERS page, as well as Team Code input.

I forgot my username. What do I do?

If you forget your username, please send an email to support@snypr.com, and we will help recover it for you.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you forget your password, enter your valid username and touch on ‘Forgot Password’, and a password reset email will be sent to the email address on file for that particular username. If you are getting an ‘Error’ message with the ‘Forgot Password’ process, please send an email to support@snypr.com, and we will help you resolve the issue.

What do I do if I am having problems with the app?

Please send an email to support@snypr.com with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing, and we will help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

I am a Coach. How can I track the performance of my players?

If you are a coach and are interested in tracking the reps of your players, please first create an account at our online Coach Portal. After you create your account, click on ‘ADD TEAM’ and fill out the few input boxes to add your team. After you add your team, a 5-digit Team Code will be created that you can share with your players. Ask your players to download the SNYPR app (available on App Store for iOS, and on Google Play for compatible Android devices), and enter your Team Code when prompted. Note: current players who have already downloaded SNYPR may simply need to update to the latest version of the app. Also, players under 13 years old will need verified consent from their parent/legal guardian in order to access ALL features of the app, including entering a Team Code to join a team. Once they've successfully entered your Team Code, your players will then appear on the in-app Team leaderboard, where they will see how they rank vs. their teammates on a Daily, Weekly and All-Time (while a member of your team) basis. Finally, you will have visibility to your players' rep activity any time you want, just by logging in to the Coach Portal. You (and other coaches, if you'd like) will also receive a weekly rep report by email.

Where do I enter my Team Code?

You can enter your Team Code in one of two places in the SNYPR app:

(1) Touch LEADERS button, then touch on 'TEAM' (leaderboard subheader). If you are not already on an in-app team, you will be prompted to enter your team code here.

(2) Touch on STATS button, then touch on gear icon (at lower right), then select 'Team Code' and enter your team code.

Once you enter your valid Team Code in either of the above places, you will join the team and appear on its in-app team leaderboard.


Should I Promote the SNYPR at my Camp, Tournament or Event?

You can receive promotional support for adding the USL Wall Ball Challenge to your camp program or tournament. It is an easy way for your camp or tournament to be seen as supporting player development, the growth of the game, and giving back to the community. This support may include social media, email notifications, flyers, promotional sleeves, or “boots on the ground” support by US Lacrosse or SNYPR staff depending on the size, date and location of the event.

Who/What is SNYPR?

SNYPR is a technology start up company in Silicon Valley, California that has built an engagement platform for youth sports. Our mission is to develop a player’s skill and confidence by making individual practice a fun, social and competitive game. We are starting with lacrosse, the sport in which SNYPR founders have deep experience as former Div.1 players, All-Americans, coaches, sports marketing executives, and lacrosse program administrators. Learn more about SNYPR at: http://www.snypr.com