Beat Kevin Crowley Contest: Final Results
September 2016

Hit the wall using SNYPR between Sept 26 - Oct 1 and complete more wall ball reps than NCAA All-American Kevin Crowley. The following five wall ballers earned a custom True 'SNYPR 10K Club' shaft by beating Kevin Crowley.

1st Place
Tyler Zygmunt

User: Tazmainiac89
Northeast Region

26732 reps

2nd Place
Matthew Lee

User: MATT0811
Mid-Atlantic Region

18530 reps

3rd Place
Belle Tiesi

User: belletiesi
Great Lakes Region

14216 reps

4th Place
James Franklin

User: jamesfrnkln
Mid-Atlantic Region

13592 reps

5th Place
Ethan Waugh

User: BeastLaxer1
Mid-Atlantic Region

13000 reps

Kevin Crowley

User: kevincrowley21
Professional Lacrosse Player